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Hospital Elevator

BLUE PACIFIC hospital elevators meets highest requirements of modern hospitals and care institutions. Years of experience are reflected in comfort, accessibility, reliability and durability.

Intelligent technology, interpretation of the perfect realm Intelligent group control dispatching control: The use of fuzzy logic and expert system control technology can minimize the waiting time and provides functions optimized for medical surrounding.

Antimagnetic protection Enjoy peace of mind, to create equal and unhampered space Special function for people with disabilities: Installing horizontal button panel in the car, stamping braille on the button, so as to be accessible for the disabled.

Prolonged delay closed : The elevator door is kept open fora longer time so as to be more convenient and safe for medical personals and patients.

Access control Sterilization technology by positive and negative ions cluster.


  • Load capacity: Up to 1200kg
  • Speed: up to 1.6m/s
  • Maximum travel: 50m
  • Automatic elevator evacuation
  • Microprocessor Control Panel